Sunday, 17 January 2016


When the original Tangle Teezer launched it changed the post-hair-wash detangling game. Every girl and her mum had the handy lil' gem in their shower ready to tackle any knot that came its way. However, as much it was great for smaller sections of my hair, anything larger and it wouldn't make a dent in a tangle and if I had any natural hair regrowth it wouldn't make it from root to tip. 

So when I heard about the new release of the Thick and Curly brush I was excited to see how much mane it can tackle. The design is exactly the same and fits into the palm super-snug. The main difference is the length of the the teeth, which are 4mm longer than the original. In this picture below you can see the extra length compared to the shorter teeth (which are the length of the original brush) 

The teeth are also now made of firm-flex technology so no matter how much they bend they always return to shape. 
I gave it a try after washing my hair and I definitely felt the difference as it detangled from the root more easily than with the original. Considering that I have about 1/4 natural hair now, the brush glided through my transitioning mane without many snags at all - definitely an improvement from the originally if you have thick Afro hair.

They are also releasing Couple's Compact brush duos ready for Valentine's Day! 

The new Tangle Teezer Thick and Curly is available from and Topshop.


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