Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The desk essentials

Every since I started working from home for part of my week I have been trying to make my desk a place that I don't mind spending a huge chunk of my time. While it's not my complete Pinterest dream desk, it's definitely getting there and there are certain elements that I'm obsessed with that have now become my desk essentials to make home-working more productive and my working environment more aesthetically pleasing...

Noticeboard - I grabbed this one from Hobbycraft for £6 - such a steal. I don't use it for actual notices (come on now) I use it for Paperchase postcards and to display my now out of hand photobooth addiction (seriously, since these photos were taken I've added 10 more). 

Headphones - Even if I'm completely alone in the house I can't edit videos without my headphones on. I literally have no idea why. 

Journal & Notepad - At anyone time I have about 50 ideas swirling around my head so I have to keep these next to me to jot everything down. I also start every feature I write in my notepad - devising layouts, structure etc - it was only last year that I stopped handwriting actual features before typing them up. The journal was a gift from my friend Emma and the notepad is from Paperchase.

Radio - Ok, grandma confession - when working from home I do my best, most thorough writing when listening to Smooth radio. Trust me and try it.

Daily Planner - Again with the organising. Every morning I fill out my to-do list for the day with a mug of coffee. It helps to keep me on track and there's a great sense of accomplishment when you look back at all you've achieved. And yes sometimes I start my list with things I've already done like "wake up" and "turn on laptop".

Fresh flowers - Unfortunately, I don't always have these but I try my darnedest to pick some up as often possible, they are instant mood alleviators.

Hand cream - In the office and at home you will never see a desk I occupy without hand cream. I have the driest hands in life and they drink hand cream like there is no tomorrow. I notice my hands a lot more when I'm typing so I keep my Antipodes to hand for dry hand relief.  

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