Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Current Skincare Essentials

My skin has been hating on me recently. God only knows why, I mean, ok do drink a lot of coffee and snack on a bit of crap when I'm bored but that's always been the case. Anyhow, I decided it was time to take my skin care more seriously again as I'd realised my routine had completely slacked! And while it hasn't been able to stop those hormonal chin outbreaks (mmm sexy) it has made my skin feel a lot fresher, less clogged and look more glowy and healthy. 

Colbert MD Tone Control Facial Discs - Seen as I don't use manual exfoliators this is the closest thing I do to buff away dead skin. I love that the box comes with 20 individually packaged facial discs as they are handy for travelling. While the packet says you can use twice a day I only use one once a week. Firstly, because I think that for my slightly sensitive skin that would be way to harsh and secondly because at £65 a box I don't have that kind of money to throw around. I simply rub the disc on my face in a circular motion for about a minute and then look at it in disgust. Even when I've double cleansed it never fails to surprise me how much dirt comes of on it. I'm about half way through the box and have definitely noticed that my hyper-pigmentation and spot scarring has lessened.
REN Wake Up Wonderful Night-Time Facial -  After my beloved Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask finished a while back I didn't rush to try a new one but when this bad boy landed on my desk I was so excited to try it - I love REN. This is more like a leave on mask/serum so it's nice and light and you can pop it on by itself or under your night cream.

bliss fabulous drench 'n' quench cream to water lock in moisturiser - I have been on the look out for a good day moisturiser for so long. I was using a Simple one but it took too long to sink in. This bliss offering literally sinks in immediately and leaves your skin feeling super smooth before applying make-up.
Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins - Origins is probably my all-round favourite skincare brand. I love how there is a product for every skin type and every skin concern and this night cream is the perfect dry skin quencher.

* ALSO * Shout out to my cleanser... Clinique Take the Day Off
Amazing for removing make-up but isn't harsh and leaves the skin feeling so soft afterwards!


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