Friday, 12 February 2016


I'll bring you flowers
After a serious case of blogger block the Friday five is BACK! I was feeling a bit meh the last couple of weeks so I decided to buy myself some flowers from my favourite flower shop, Scarlet and Violet in Kilburn. While my favourites aren't in season (the biggest blogger cliche, peonies) I got a gorgeous bouquet of stocks. IT's amazing what a bunch of fleurs can do for your mood. 

La Roche launches
On Tuesday I headed into town for the launch of La Roche Posay's latest suncare products. They are all factor 50 but don't leave that ashy look that a lot high factor sun protection products leave in black skin (I've learnt the hard way). I'll be popping a blog post up nearer their launch date but for now above is an attractive photobooth picture of me and Zoe from the launch.

Bowlin' babes
So my friend Nads has this thing where, despite me still living at home, so likes to give me kitchenware for my birthday. It all started on my 21st when she gave me a Le Creuset oven dish and so for this birthday present (which came this week despite my bday being in December because as a group we aren't the best with this stuff) she stuck with the trend bad I received a gorgeous mug and this cracking bowl from anthropologie. It's just been making breakfast that much more special.

Bey came back with a bang at the weekend with Formation and as a Bey fan I naturally was all over it. However, as much as I love the video and most of the song ("I got hot sauce in my bag" YAAS qweeeen) I've found the debate it's sparked even more interesting. While I think that the black women's experience is different in the USA compared to the UK I've read some articles from black women both sides of the pond that have extremely interesting, valid points on black culture. Have a read for yourself here and here.

Back to the 20s!
My mum loves a good party, she is the hostess with the mostest always and so when she randomly said she wanted to throw a murder mystery none of us batted an eyelid. It was so fun and all our family and friends got all dressed up for some jazz-era fun. Our team didn't win but it's the taking part that counts. Duh.

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