Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Non-Active Sportswear

I am such a sucker for sportswear. It's ironic actually because it's my favourite due to how comfortable it is to laze around in - the growing amount of sportswear I have does not correlate with the amount of exercise I do. On my days working from home you'll normally find me in a similar get up, so now that it's an actual trend it's perfect as I feel less sloppy nipping out for a coffee or grabbing lunch or popping to the post office (so adult of me).

Throwing on a simple leather gilet over the top makes me look like less of a brand whore IMO. I've now got my eye on this Fila T-shirt - *Jim Carrey voice* Somebody stop me!

Top, leggings & trainers - Adidas // Gilet - H&M // Sunglasses - New York street vendor (sorry! but similar ones here

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