Sunday, 14 February 2016

What's worse than being single?

It's so easy, as a single person to be all EGH VALENTINE'S DAY WHAT A LOAD OF BALLS, but I refuse to be like that. At least not externally - what's the point of stomping on couples' joy, because let's face it, it's one of the only days of the year that they're extra nice to each other.  I wish that singles would get the same respect though, and coupled up family and friends would just leave us be. Just yesterday I was told I better find someone or I'll get left on the shelf, like, jheeze thanks pal. 
Being in love is amazing but being alone is just as great because you have time to realise that you're all good all alone - you can be your own favourite person. I mean, not to get morbid or anything but you're the only person you'll be with 'til the end so you better love yo'self. Being single is fine, it's no big deal. In fact, I can think of SO many things that are worse than being single that include but are not limited to the following...

- Someone eating the food you were looking forward to in the fridge
- Laddering your tights on the way to work 
- People asking questions that can easily be googled 
- Missing your train by less than a minute
- Waiting more than 3 minutes for the tube
- Accidentally putting kisses on serious emails 
- Getting grease stains on your favourite top
- Being somewhere that has no signal
- Being somewhere that has no signal, then finally getting signal and realising no one has tried to contact you. 
- Having to share food
- Your sock sliding down in your shoe the moment you step out of the house 
- Washing a spoon and being sprayed with 5 gallons of water
- Drinking a bottle of water and subsequently needing to pee every 9 minutes for the rest of the day
- Chopping an onion then touching your eye
- Saying something out loud and then realising it was funnier in your head.
- When you sing along to a song but come in too early
- Friends asking for advice and not taking it
- When you're singing along to a song and your friend starts singing too like no this is not a duet fam. 
- Accidentally winking at someone when you get something in your eye
- Your hat blowing off in the wind

So happy Valentine's Day you beautiful lot <3 

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