Monday, 4 April 2016

Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil Hair Care Collection

Charlotte Mensah Manketti Oil Collection, Shampoo and Conditioner, £18 each, Oil, £36

Before I started working at Blackhair I thought I knew a lot about hair but I didn't. I knew how to kind of maintain my own hair but that was about it, so when I was opened up to the world of hair products on offer, I wanted to try absolutely everything! 

Fast-forward three years and I'm extremely set in my ways - while I'll give new things a try I tend to always go back to the same products that I know work perfectly for my hair. So when I received this new collection from Charlotte Mensah I knew I'd love them but would inevitably use them once and then go back to my usuals. But that has not been the case. 

If you don't know already Charlotte Mensah is an Afro hairdressing heavy-hitter. She has two British Hairdressing Awards under her belt as well as three Hair Magazine Awards. She is awesome, so of course her range was going to be. Shunning the 'in' oils to enrich her products, Charlotte chose the relatively unknown Manketti oil for her range which is full of Vitamin E and high in polyunsaturated fatty acid that acts as a barrier to help prevent moisture from escaping from the hair for longer. Six years went into creating these products and you can really tell, not only with the products themselves, but with the bottle and the design. 

My hero product of the range is the Manketti Oil, (£36). It's very hydrating so you only need a very small amount, say 2-3 drops, which is easy to measure out with the pipet. So while it is definitely a luxury product with a higher price tag, the size of the bottle means that I literally cannot see myself running out of this within a year! 

I'm always dubious recommending products I love to people with natural Afro hair as mine still has relaxed ends - but my colleague Joy (who does indeed have a head full of coils) is raving about the range too so you can believe that it's suitable for all Afro hair types! 

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