Thursday, 14 April 2016

Spring Feeling

Spring is 100% my favourite season. Just as a warning, I think this post is going to be quite idealistic as I'm writing it on a train after a morning out in London in the warm sunshine which is the happiest situation of life for me.
In my opinion, spring is the life equivalent of putting clean sheets on your bed. It's your bed but it feels so much better, gives you promise of a dreamier sleep and feels altogether fresher. Spring just gives everything a new lease of life and it's a happy reminder that summer is nearly here! When spring comes around I genuinely feel like anything is possible, so here are a few things I'm hoping to do this spring/summer...

Sort out my wardrobe sitch
Ah spring cleaning! Who doesn't enjoy a good clear out? Ages ago I threw out (by which I mean gave to my sisters and charity shops) loads of my old clothes and shoes with the intention of streamlining and adding in a few pieces here and there... But months down the line I've still not sorted it properly - which is why my outfit posts have been seriously lacking. I plan to look at what I'm seriously lacking and remedy it ASAP.

Take some time out
I'm so not one to take days off. I have to be so sick to not turn up at work (3 sick days in 3 years #justsayin) and normally only take holiday if I'm, you know, actually going on holiday (Christmas birthday means I always get this off - result!). So I decided this spring I'm just going to take a week off to do whatever I want.

Explore, explore, explore! 
There are so many places in the UK that I want to visit properly. Like, for instance, Bath. I want to just go to Bath for the day and have a mooch around and be a big kid on Brighton Pier. I want to spend the weekend in Edinburgh and drive/be driven to The Cotswolds. These are the perfect things to do in spring when it's a good temp, there are loads of bank holidays and it's easier to organise with friends because there isn't the whole summer holiday calendar to work out. 


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