Monday, 27 June 2016

Keeks Visits - Edinburgh

I wouldn't say that I'm a huge traveller, sure I love to go on holiday, but a wanderer I am not. But as I've gotten older my need to explore has increased tenfold, it's like an itch that is begging to be scratched. As a child I was pretty content to sit on the beach with my bucket and spade but now to lay in the sun for 7 days sounds like an incredibly waste of time. I want to go places, do things, look, climb and delve into new interesting cities, which is why me and my travel buddy Nads decided to hop to Edinburgh for the weekend. 

For me Nads is a perfect travel partner, we both want to explore but also both know that Netflix and Deliveroo is by far the the best option when you're all explored out. We flew to Edinburgh on Friday evening and stayed in a lovely air b'n'b on William Street in the beautiful West End of the city. The buildings make you feel like you're stepping into a Charles Dickens novel, the streets were the right amount of both quiet and bustling enough and the air was fresh like actual fresh air. I loved the way that the town is so modern in so many ways but as you walk out of Urban Outfitters and look up you literally see Edinburgh castle in all of it's ye old glory. 

My favourite part about Edinburgh apart from the people who are so chirpy (and the nicest Uber drivers ever) was the food. Me and Nads love to eat and it's one of our personal quests to eat at as many different restaurants as possible across the Globe so we were going to relish the opportunity to taste as much as Edinburgh had to offer. I'm not gonna lie, most of our conquests came from my friend Liv's extremely handy guide so I would suggest you take a look at it immediately for a more in depth look at some seriously cool haunts. ->

In the meantime here is the list of places we visits and LOVED 

Eating + Drinking
Good, fresh food with an instagrammable gluten-free cake display.
The best eggs benedict I'd had in a long time. Also Nads said it was the best granola she's ever had with "the perfect amount of yogurt and fruit" for you health nuts.
Unfortunately they didn't play Panda the whole time I was in there but the cocktails were on point and they bring you free popcorn to your table until you leave. 
The ice cream here is beyooond. When we went there was a pop up free circus in the green across the road so we were spolit really.
Liv forced us to go here and eat the nutella calzone, FORCED us. Kidding, but she did tell us it was delicious and we believed her and she was completely right. 
Yo, the coffee here is insane. I said to Nads it kind of felt like it made me a little euphoric, I'm not gonna lie. The cinnamon buns were also pure gold.
Ok, so I have not a clue what the inside of one of these restaurants looks like because we totally Deliverooed this.'Twas a real treat though, I got the pad thai and am dribbling a little just thinking about it now. 

Life Story
...for the one off instaglam pieces.
Coco Chocolatier
... for the insanely good Scottish choc
Edinburgh Castle 
... for a non-shit history lesson
The Real Mary King's Close
... for underground roaming

I'll definitely be going back soon.


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