Monday, 19 September 2016

Everyday Makeup Essentials

I read so many blogs and watch so many makeup videos talking about girl’s ‘everyday makeup bags’ and I’m always a lil skeptical. How is it so neat and how do you use SO many things EVERYDAY? I switch and swap the contents of my face all the flipping time and so there are very few things that I use everyday. When I get new products to try out for work I still get excited and want to put them on my face immediately and so these are currently the things that have stuck. 

I promise you, you will not regret forking out the money for this foundation. Yes, it’s bloody expensive (Like the equivalent of looking at Whistles prices when you’re used to H&M) but boy, is it worth it. The beauty is not only in it’s formula - which stays put and doesn’t shine on throughout the day -  it’s in the applicator. So. Handy. The chic twist-up stick means that it’s great to apply and retouch when you’re out and about and the triangular shape means it’s excellent at using as a concealer too (just be careful around the eyes as it’s a full coverage formula and therefore subject to creasing). Also this has a fab shade range for us Black girls. 

I don’t tend to do my full makeup on my commute - usually just my mascara. I don’t know how or why this came about but as soon as I get on the bus I’ll whip it out, carefully applying on the straight and usually bump free route to the train station. I love this particular mascara because the wand is so tiny that you can apply it right to the root of the lash and to the smallest hairs with minimal chance of mess. It gives excellent length, volume and separation with no clumping. 

Ahh the allure of the brown lip still pulls me right in and this is my favourite liner out there. In fact this old gal hadn’t ever finished a lip liner until this came along and changed the game. Even if I’m just popping on a regular lip balm I’ll still put this on to give my cupid’s bow extra definition - it just makes my lips the perfect nude-y brown. Just remember to fill in your entire lip and not just the outline otherwise you’ll be harking back to a trend in makeup we all just want to forget tbh.

This newbie makes creating a solid brow shape unbelievably easy. It comes with a spooli on one end and the waxy pencil on the other. It’s amazing for filling in gaps with light feather-like strokes and doesn’t budge, I recently wore it in 37 degree heat in Vegas and still had on point brows come nightfall. Impressive. 

I don’t think this will be everybody’s cup of tea but I love it. After reverting to eyeliner pens for a little bit and getting frustrated but how quickly they all dried up, I gave this a try. I love how wet and inky it is, it’s so smooth to apply and the tip is great for creating a cat eye. It’s going to work better for people that are seasoned in eyeliner application (I wear it everyday) as it’s easy to make a mistake with due to the wetness. 

This used to be a “special occasions” product but I enjoyed the highlight so much I upgraded it to everyday status. Using a Real Techniques Bronzing Brush and a very light touch this gives a perma-sun-kissed glow. It’s been a consisted fixture in these parts for over a year now and it’s still going strong. God bless you, Charlotte. 


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