Thursday, 15 September 2016

Keeks Visits - Vegas

72 hours in Vegas sounds like the title of a bad comedy film but that's exactly how I spent 3 days last week to ring in my oldest sister's 40th birthday! I didn't take many pics (for me, anyway) but here is a snippet of the best bits. 

Buffalo Wild Wings
Super classy, I know but these wings are so so delicious that I had to include this picture as a memento. The one in Vegas is on the outside of Miracle Mile Mall.

TAO Beach Club
My favourite thing about my trip without doubt. It was free to get in via the guestlist (I think this might just be for the ladies, but don't quote me) and with your wristband you get free drinks between 1pm and 2pm. We went on a Friday and it was heaving with beautiful people too which was nice. ALso the food is amazing (if expensive) to wash everything down with. 

Pics with the madre <3

Sephora haulin' 1 of 3 (no joke, I went there everyday).

We took a road to Hollywood and stopped at the gnarliest gas stations in the middle of nowhere to refuel. I remarked to my sister "This place looks like the set of The Hills Have Eyes" and the bus driver goes "that film wasn't filmed too far from here" and all the colour drained from my face.

If you have the opp to take a picture of a road referenced in a Kanye song, you do. 

Nothing beats sipping a frappe latte on Hollywood Boulevard.

Pit stop in Santa Monica meant rollercoastering with my sisters and aunt was an essential.


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