Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How to make use of your expensive candle now it's finished.

Your candle's finished. 
You're sad. 
You spend £40 on that just for it to LITERALLY burn away. It's ok though, you'll survive because there's life after death of the expensive candle. 
If you've been able to avoid the instragammable, Pinterest-worthy expensive candle afterlife then let me brighten your day - there's life after the wick has burnt out. Whether you want it to house, pens, brushes or cotton buds, the choice is yours and it's a lot easier that you think. 
 Once you've burnt the last remains of your candle wait for it to completely harden, I can't stress this enough, don't mess with hot wax. Don't pour it out anywhere or rinse it... nothing. Simply wait for the remaining wax to completely harden (this is best overnight, but if you want, once it's cooled, you can pop it in the freezer for a few hours to speed things up). 
Then, take a butterknife and scrape around the edges of the hard wax to loosen and pop out. If it's not coming out so easily try scoring an X through the middle and then prise out each quarter. 
To clean the waxy film once the majority has been removed, take a brilo pad/scourer and dose it in warm water and washing up liquid and scrub the inside of the jar gently to remove. 
Et voila! Simple as.
Oh and one last thing, make sure you don't allow the warm water to run too much around the out side if your want to keep the sticker on!


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