Monday, 24 April 2017

Warehouse Revival

Jumper - Warehouse (out of stock but more here)

You know what, I've never been one for Warehouse. It was always a shop I kind of didn't think was "my style" despite not ever really knowing what "my style" was. 

I just felt it never had any place in my dysfunctional little wardrobe - it was too... neat. Too mumsy. But recently something shifted. The brand was popping up more and more in my Instagram feed looking resolutely cooler. And it wasn't just the way the girls had style the pieces, the garms looked fresher, *shudders* ...trendier. I had to check it out for myself. 

So I jaunted into the little Warehouse off of Oxford Street (it's much quieter than the one between John Lewis and H&M FYI) and everything felt different. The window, the selects in store, even the music booming through the stereo - the shop has had a total rebrand. I looked it up and recently there has been major changes behind the scenes with Emma Cook taking the reigns as the brand's new design director and so it all makes sense. From what I've seen, some pieces have kept their functional neatness, but now there are more daring prints and unexpected detail - more Londoner, ed. I've particularly taken to their knitwear and people are shocked when I say a jumper is from Warehouse, much like I used to be. Now it's one of my first stops when I'm on the hunt for something, not somewhere I whizz past. 



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